Devin Bustin is a writer, teacher, and musician whose work strengthens connection and community by listening closely and then offering more life-giving stories. 

As a script writer, Devin has written, produced, or directed hundreds of videos for groups who need to tell complex stories in memorable ways. With graduate degrees in both creative writing and English education, Devin has devoted his work to finding language that helps people understand with both their minds and their hearts. 

In classrooms, Devin brings a student-centered approach and a conviction to do the work alongside his fellow learners. He has taught composition and literature to students at Northwestern University, and also in high schools and middle schools. Because Devin believes that true learning must be embodied, his instruction style often features physical transitions, improv, and music. He calls students to move past absentminded attendance. 

Alongside scripts, copy, and digital content for clients, Devin has published and edited poetry, fiction, and non-fiction for journals and artist books. His latest project is Scatter and Return, a series of poems and songs. His instinct to create across media forms and genres keeps Devin’s work fresh and full of invitation. He trusts that curiosity, truth-telling, and careful wordcraft will make any class or creation come alive.

Current Projects (2022) 

A full-length record with the working title, Scatter and Reform.  

Curating texts, videos, songs, and podcasts for the Common Good Collective's reader. 

Scripts for animation.

Selected Works 

2003 — Not Far From Shore (Verse) 
2004 — Why the Hand Has Five Fingers: No More, No Less (Record) 
2007 — Commas in the Ground  (Record) 
2008 — Healers (Verse) 
2008 — The Lead Pastor's Visit (Verse) 
2008 — Vitae (Song) 
2008 — Left to Sleeper (Artist's Book) 
2008 — The Reason I Left My Vocation (Verse) 
2009 — New Ways to Say Healing (Song) 
2009 — More Than We Are (Song) 
2010 — These Are the Times When My Family Gets Carried Away (Verse) 
2010 — In An Upper Room, Above a Bar (Story) 
2012 — Glossolalia (Story) 
2013 — First Aid Arts (Animation) 
2014 — Excellence in Giving (Animation) 
2015 — Highway of Hope (Animation) 
2015 — Doubt (Song)  
2017 — Don't Settle (Animation) 
2017 — A Rich Life (Stories and Audiobook) ∅ą 
2018 — Unleash the Gospel (Audiobook) ǹ 
2019 — Open Door Policy (Podcast) ℭ 
2020 — Your Love Is Not Locked Down (Song) 
2021 — Good v. Gooder (Song)


∅  indicates ghostwriting 
ℭ indicates consulting 
ą indicates production 
ǹ indicates voice narration

Course Titles

Art and Faith: A college lecture on religion and creativity, the dissonance and harmony.

Effective Essay Writing: A pre-college class for high school graduates at Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development.

Stories and Histories: A semester for middle school and junior high students that combines writing, improv, and history.

Fan Fiction: An eight-week class for middle schoolers at Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development.

Guitar and Songwriting: Group and private lessons at the Greenhouse in Chicago and Cincinnati's West Chester Academy.

Honors English: A semester for tenth graders, team-taught with a history instructor. 

English Language Arts: A semester for graduating high school seniors.

Science Fiction: A semester-long elective for high school students.