1. Careful

From the recording Careful

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You’re about to get an earful
Or even get a mouthful
And wouldn’t that suck

You’re not
The only story at the bus stop
The only one who needs a day off
You’re the loud one on the phone

I know
I’m the one who’s got the headphones
With the monologue of my own
But it’s the one that I chose

I’m not
Trying to keep you within earshot
So I’m applying earlock
To hear myself think

Take me
Where I can think clearly
And maybe
I won’t mind my mind

This city
Where everybody sits near me
And I’m learning how to sit beside myself

Tell me
Who’s the tallest in your family
Who’s carrying a baby
Who’s carrying grief

Me, I was an ocean in my past life
I don’t know why I look away
When people wave